From Doenvang to Nourdic

Over the past six years, we have been on a journey with creating Scandianvian artwork with islamic values. We are now at a new journey to keep providing your with original design and wall decorations.


Founded in 2017, Doenvang initially took its name from my own surname. The journey as Doenvang (originally Dønvang) has been incredibly rewarding, marked by substantial growth over the past 6 years. However, the name has posed challenges in pronunciation and recall. Therefore, a change is on the horizon.


From now and onworth the company will continue to create and produce the quality prints and photography as you all know and love. With Nourdic there will be a slight shift in the directions of the products. We will now focus more on bespoke products such as limited edition prints and real paintings.

  • The Nourdic Name

    As we will continue to create unique islamic wall art with the fusion of scandinavian design and Islamic values, Nour and Nordic fit perfectly into that concept.

  • Emerald Green Color

    Green is the color of islam, and also reflects the lush nature of the nordics. A dark green with a cold hue fits perfectly inbetween the two worlds.

  • Beige and accent burnt orange

    The Beige colours used for the branding are a simple reflection og the middle east, and the colors of the desserts and landscapes

Nourdic & Doenvang

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